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Posted Dec 05 2012 6:19am
Socrates. Welcome, Ion. Are you from your native city of Ephesus?
Ion. No, Moncler Men Vest Socrates; but from Epidaurus, where I attended the festival
of Asclepius.
Soc. And do the Epidaurians have contests of rhapsodes at the
Ion. O yes; and of all sorts of musical performers.
Soc. And were you one of the competitors- and did you succeed?
Ion. I obtained the first prize of all, Socrates.
Soc. Well done; and I hope that you will do the same for us at the
Ion. And I will, please heaven.
Soc. I often envy the profession of a rhapsode, 
Ion; for you have always to wear fine clothes, and to look as beautiful 
as you can is a part of your art. Then, again, you are obliged to be 
continually in the company of many good poets; and especially of 
Homer, who is the best and most divine of them; and to understand 
him, and not merely learn his words by rote, is a thing greatly to be 
envied. And no man can be a rhapsode who does not understand the 
meaning of the poet. For the rhapsode ought to interpret the mind of 
the poet to his hearers, but how can he interpret him well unless he 
knows what he means? All this is greatly to be envied.
Ion. Very true, Socrates; interpretation has certainly been the most
laborious part of my art; and I believe myself able to speak about
Homer better than any man; and that neither Metrodorus of 
Lampsacus, nor Stesimbrotus of Thasos, nor Glaucon, nor any one 
else who ever was, had as good ideas about Homer as I have, or as 
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