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when she really nike huarache uk can not think of such side went missing

Posted Mar 08 2013 3:02am
Yes, she ruined Connan has destroyed enough deep, she can no longer destroy him! She looked around, eager can catch their own thing and support her, helping her. Trees she relies, her little vine How cling, what in mind? "Do not think I'm in a hurry you go, I order you, do you understand? Poor in my life and career in the Quartet, I do not worship what, but I adore Connan, he had to rescue my predicament. I want to do my power to take care of him, and believe me, Miss Jiang, I love him! "Fuzzy Jiang Yanrong tears, she looked at his watch, has four forty nike lunareclipse 2 sale out, then another 20 minutes, Connan class was. She stood up, lift the travel bag, in a moment, feel the future is vast, and I do not know where to go. Luo Yawen stood before her and said: "Now, you ready to go?"Where? Large of heaven and earth, she has nowhere to go!"I have a place to go." She said with hesitation.

Barely swallow a lump crawling around in the throat. The five ten classes Highway Administration drove up to the town train station, train Taipei half past six, seven ten a train south. Luoya Wen said."Thank you!" Said Jiang Yanrong, with bitter to the door, and when she really nike huarache uk can not think of such side went missing. Connan, her Connan, just her dream of a shadow Bale.Miss Jiang, Luo Yawen leaning on the door, enthusiasm, said: "You are the bravest girl I've ever seen! I admire your willpower to pursue feelings!"Jiang Yanrong a wry smile. "But what I got?" She asked sadly.Get what? This is not a Luo Yawen can answer. Standing in the doorway, they look for a moment, Luo Yawen look at the table, and then ten minutes, Connan coming back. Jiang Yanrong sigh a breath, raised his eyes to look silently Luo Yawen a whispering, said: "take care of him!" "I know." "
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