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when plans are put on hold (snif!)

Posted Apr 12 2009 11:52pm
I was all set to start a new routine of light training: crunches, one morning a week using my commute to try some short intervals on the bike (15 minute warmup, 8 to 10 minutes of short bursts, 15 minute warmdown), easy stuff to work into an existing life. then my Seasonal Allergy Onslaught phase arrived with a mighty kick in the butt. For the last four days I have been wheezing, coughing and having trouble sleeping because every time I want to do something -- even helping Sweetie with some planting in the garden this weekend -- I cannot catch my breath and I grab for the inhaler like an old lady. On the worst days, I toss my bike on the bus to get up Sabin Hill so I don't wheeze and cough my way up. Wheezing sucks, it's uncomfortable and even slightly alarming at times during the worst of it. This is all sadly normal; it's happened every year for the last eight or ten at least, and it usually subsides after two to four weeks or so. But oh GOD! when it's here it completely cramps my style. I am schedule to meet with Paul The Trainer next Friday for the first of two sessions, and I worry that I'll have to postpone until this all calms down and the trees stop producing new pollen.

Meanwhile, Pals Heintz and Julie spent a delightful afternoon with us today. They took us to the Art Museum on their guest passes, and afterwards we came back to our place to have a Passover-safe dinner together. (I whipped up a batch of Matzoh Brei and we also had some Tzimmes and chicken soup -- YUM). They are friends I don't see often enough, but Heintz and I have promised to rectify that with a mellow bike ride on a Sunday in May. Also, when I told them about my plan to race 'cross in the fall, they got excited, and on the spot they said that if I do the Halloween Cross Crusade race they'll cover my race fee that day as a gift (Now I simply MUST find a tutu...). It seems that I will have a little crowd of folks cheering me on, which means that I HAVE to get over this seasonal allergy garbage so I can work on getting more fit.
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