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What has been going on...

Posted Jan 23 2009 6:25pm

I t is time to come back here for an update on what has been happening lately. Looking at the stats for this blog, over 186 visitors (50%) this month are Returning Visitors so it is just right that I keep the blog going.

Training and racing

W ell, well. That's officially on hold now due to the shoulder injury I am carrying which has turned into a more complex issue that once believed. Numerous visits to a GP, a few physio sessions and an appointment with a shoulder specialist is the program.

T he Crash Training program that I put together for the Tour of Bright has been put aside as the volume and intensity wouldn't help my shoulder.

Crash Training Program (J Friel)

I n fact, I did start the program with a trip to the Gold Coast last week and a couple of discovery rides on the Hinterlands. They were great rides in amazingly beautiful places but they were hard rides as well. Unfortunately, they proved to be fairly taxing on the shoulder, indicating that I needed to decide on training or fixing my shoulder.

A fter a little chat with the Physio, I decided to stay off the bike until my shoulder is completely healed... Time to set up the trainer permanently!!

Greg's Home, my base in Currumbin

Greg and Juan, barbie night

Greg still teaches the art...


Ride One: Currumbin - Springbrook - Currumbin

Dist: 108 km
Time: 3:59
AvSpeed: 28 km/h
AvHR: 126 bpm
Ascent: 1,050 m

Old surf spot: Burleigh Point

Start of the climb to Springbrook


View of Surfers from Springbrook

Ride Two: Currumbin - Murwillumbah - Springbrook - Currumbin

Dist: 110 km
Time: 4:44
AvSpeed: 25.5 km/h
AvHR: 119 bpm
Ascent: 1,627 m

Plenty of stops on the way...

Sugar Cane fields in NSW
My favourite feed station

It couldn't get any better...


End of climb #2 (Av 7.9 %) and a fast run into QLD


Higher peaks in view


The last climb (Av 6.5 %)

Ride Three: Currumbin - Mermaid Beach - Currumbin (recovery)

Dist: 36.3 km

Time: 1:31

AvSpeed: 24 km/h


The last race I entered was the clubHill Climb on Mt Meeroad. It's a climb that I always wanted to have included in one of the club races and the club managed to get a permit for an ITT on the 8+km (Av 4.5 %) in a afternoon with temperatures reaching 33 degrees. Just the way I like it.

Dist: 8.2 km

Time: 21:21

AvSpeed: 23.2 km/h

AvHR: 166 bpm

Ascent: 345 m

Didn't mind the pain...


Sandra powering up Mt Mee road


ITT Profile

Time to get creative...

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