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What does June in Duluth look like?

Posted Jun 08 2010 5:44pm
Well, today it looked like this. The 50 percent chance of rain forecast for today turned into an all afternoon soaking of rain. It included gusty winds around 30 mph off the big lake and fog. The temperature for my ride home was 50F (10C). I'm a little out of practice riding in the rain seeing we've had a mostly dry year so far. Despite riding my bike to work every single workday this year, I have only had the opportunity to ride in the rain a half dozen times or so. I'm always slower getting out of work on days the rain is really coming down at quitting time. But I've learned that once I get out there, I almost always seem to enjoy my rides in the rain. Besides, if I go straight home it's only 7 miles.

Each and every day I have to pass over Miller Creek. Most of the time it is unseen. I cross it on bridges where the creek is not visible from the roadway. It runs a route down a wooded ravine in the middle of the West End of town. Some places I cross it it has gone underground in tunnels with the city built up over it.
I used to live across the street from this spot. When it rained like today, I remember even though you couldn't see the creek you could definitely hear it. The creek drops vertically towards Lake Superior maybe 400 feet over a mile here. The water cascading down the hillside over the rocks makes a lot of sound. Today I took my time getting home. I was enjoying the rain and took the time to get some photos of the creek.

Hard to believe this is in the center of a busy city. Here in Duluth, there's 20 more creeks (maybe more, this is a guess) all trying to flow into Lake Superior. The people who planned out the city preserved many of these natural waterways with parks. Miller Creek flows through Lincoln Park.
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