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What are the best wheels/tires to replace my sew-ups?

Posted by Geoff Medical DoctorHealth Maven

I have a custom bike hand made by Dave Moulton in the 80's with super campy gear/cinelli bars, and, yes, hard to believe, sew ups. Wondering what wheels/tires I'd be happy with when I replace my current wheels. Should I keep my super campy hubs and rebuild wheels with new rims? What are the best options?
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Hello Geoffrey, I don't really have an answer for your questions, but I did look up Dave Moulton, and I found that he has a blog. Maybe you ask the man himself what he thinks! I hope this helps! :)


You probably have a couple of options now... Talk to Moulton & also take the wheel into a credible bikeshop in your area to see what they suggest.  Working with your original hubs may be possible... they just may need repacking, new bearings, grease, etc. ... and the change to a "new rim" might be necessary (but then again, I've seen 1980's rims work great even though they are almost 30 yrs old).  The biggest reason to go into the shop with your wheels... they can tell you what size(s) of "modern" tires will be best for them.

Hope this helps. --J

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