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Posted Nov 19 2012 6:10am
His eyes filled with tears. Norbert was beats by dre the baby dragon Hagrid had once won in a game of cards. 

“Yeh can’ really remember who yeh are after a while. An’ yeh can’ really see the point o’ livin’ at all. I used ter hope I'd jus’ die in me sleep. When they let me out, it was like bein’ born again, ev'rythin’ came floodin’ back, it was the bes’ feelin’ in the world. Mind, the Dementors weren't keen on lettin’ me go.” 

“But you were innocent!” said Hermione. 

Hagrid snorted. 

“Think that matters to them? They don’ care. Long as they've got a couple o’ hundred humans stuck there with ‘em, so they can leech all the happiness out of ‘em, they don’ give a damn who's guilty an’ who's not.” 

Hagrid went quiet for a moment, staring into his tea. Then he said quietly, “Thought o’ jus’ letting Buckbeak go …tryin’ ter make him fly away…but how d'yeh explain ter a Hippogriff it's gotta go inter hidin'? An’ — an’ I'm scared o’ breakin’ the law…” He looked up at them, tears leaking down his face again. “I don’ ever want ter go back ter Azkaban.” 

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