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Vision: the rockets to continuous 13 times escape the nets! Book Howe and bucket deron

Posted Feb 23 2013 1:42am
occurred in 2005 November 9,, in the first world war against golden state errors in 26 times, but the ball Chicago legion to a 85-84 win over, today they didn't have so good luck. The sun newspaper: James pressed up again almighty transcript, this is "the emperor" this season 17th get twenty + 10 ranked second in the league position, David lee with 19 times and + 10 ranking first.Chicago BBS report: Ross (micro Po) elder brother denounced the team reinforcements don't give Nike Air Max 2012 Mens force, Ross had to issued a statement stable soldier's morale. Encounter the internal unrest today played clueless, attack fragmented mistakes again and again, in the first quarter in the second quarter after barely support by the heat eventually blow hot pursuit or failed to turn battle, kirk hinrich for your right elbow pain out of action. James for the team's performance is very satisfied, but he thought that winning streak, don't worry about a long season. "This is just a long season and a win it," James said. "we in good condition, through the defense manufacturing opponent's mistake. We are the league of the highest standards of shooting team, if you can reduce mistakes out opportunities, create the possibility of winning is greater." Bosh said Miami although recently LianZhanLianJie, but they still need to continue to improve. "We can continue to progress, can be used as a team to play better," bosh said. "our defense quality Nike Air Max 2012 Womens can also higher, if you want to win in the playoffs, must keep rising momentum."The second quarter of 23.9 seconds before the end of the game, deng jump right not, James got a rebound fast start. Dwyane wade fast along the left, James sent out a record pretty straight plug, "flash" after the ball's cut hang buckle to the basket, but the results button fly. Fortunately bosh grabbed the ball, the heat to organization attack, James again pass line, dwyane wade scored bull again empty cut catch this have never lose to clean up the ball into the basket. James in the third quarter encounter embarrassing scene, his teammates on the break, share the ball, "the emperor" catch dive layup but hand slipped the ball away and formed a "empty" layup is funny effect.Beijing time on February 23,, the rockets Nike Air Max 2011 (30-26) will be on the road against the nets (33-22). Just beat thunder rocket, if you can prove himself again through the against teams in the playoffs impact? LinShuHao (micro bo) will para deron Williams, the book house keeping the state will continue to focus on the game. The world war I on 122-119 victory over the thunder, the team just in trading off many people, is still in the haddon lead gives a positive energy - full beard in the face of the old Lord cut down a career high with 46 points, the rockets are in small had 14 points Cheap Nike Air Max 2011 behind the cases where the reversal. Ap game evaluation: haddon this battle, is further proof that the rockets get him change to playoff competitors. This comment to have three consecutive years of the playoffs for the rockets, slightly too high. After the all-star weekend, teams into the season, the rockets sprint period for the performance of the thunder is a flash in the pan or the potential sign, is to through the basket and the teams to further inspection. The New Deal for Thomas Robinson, can play is not confirmed. Haddon nearly five games and averaging 34.8 points, leaving with full beard contrapuntal Joe Johnson has it is also the hot spot, and by the nets, overtime a 113-111 victory over the bucks, Joe - Johnson will be shot game to overtime, and lay on overtime. Winning is about to see haddon? The first world war to thunder manual hao performance also important - and wei little para book hao sent 29 points and eight assists 6 rebounds, small section after continuous long shot is very key. Leaving book Howe and deron is a tough game!
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