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undertakings the only really need to supra vaider meet people's spiritual life

Posted Jan 24 2013 7:44am
Basic cultural needs and interests are mainly dominated by the government to meet the cultural undertakings; demand for more personalized culture mainly through the market, by the cultural industry to meet. Multi-level cultural development and prosperity we must adhere to in order to meet the spiritual and cultural needs of the people as the starting point and the end result, the masses, and close to reality, life, more and better production of cultural products to solve their spiritual thirst "and" cultural poor ". To change and eliminate the kind of "overweening, CD-I alone, only I alone art" the aristocratic vision and practice to increase the intensity of the various spiritual and cultural production. Have supra society both "highbrow" should Countrymen, truly civilian popular, so popular but not vulgar, Refined not vulgar, but not vulgar Vulgar, multi-faceted, multi-channel, multi-level meet spiritual and psychological needs of the masses.

Culture close to people's lives, even the original point, a little rough, rustic point, tender point, the true nature of that for the majority of people where perhaps their hopes and strengths. Luxury drama "of some of the big production, some boutique-style awards play" artificial "cultural project", the people might not like to watch, may not be welcome. Contrary, close them Taiga Vulgar, Daxitaibei she can release the people of today's fast-paced social life, high-risk, strong competition and intense work under tremendous pressure. Both economic culture industry, or welfare of the public cultural undertakings, the only really need to supra vaider meet people's spiritual life, will become attractive, audience, and the prospects. Therefore, the process of the development of cultural industries, as long as it is good for physical and mental health of the masses, it is necessary to allow the existence, allowing experiments and explorations.
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