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Posted Jan 19 2013 6:57am
“But my powers—where are they cheap clarisonic for this undertaking? I do not 
feel them. Nothing speaks or stirs in me while you talk. I am 
sensible of no light kindling—no life quickening—no voice 
counselling or cheering. Oh, I wish I could make you see how 
much my mind is at this moment like a rayless dungeon, with one 
shrinking fear fettered in its depths—the fear of being persuaded 
by you to attempt what I cannot accomplish!” 

“I have an answer for you—hear it. I have watched you ever 
since we first met: I have made you my study for ten months. I 
have proved you in that time by sundry tests: and what have I seen 
and elicited? In the village school I found you could perform well, 
punctually, uprightly, labour uncongenial to your habits and 
inclinations; I saw you could perform it with capacity and tact: you 
could win while you controlled. In the calm with which you learnt 
you had become suddenly rich, I read a mind clear of the vice of 
Demas:—lucre had no undue power over you. In the resolute 
readiness with which you cut your wealth into four shares, 
keeping but one to yourself, and relinquishing the three others to 
the claim of abstract justice, I recognised a soul that revelled in the 
flame and excitement of sacrifice. In the tractability with which, at 
my wish, you forsook a study in which you were interested, and 
adopted another because it interested me; in the untiring assiduity 
with which you have since persevered in it—in the unflagging 
energy and unshaken temper with which you have met its 
difficulties—I acknowledge the complement of the qualities I seek. 
Jane, you are docile, diligent, disinterested, faithful, constant, and 
courageous; very gentle, and very heroic: cease to mistrust 
yourself—I can trust you unreservedly. As a conductress of Indian 
schools, and a helper amongst Indian women, your assistance will 
be to me invaluable.” 
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