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Two different methods of measuring belt drive belt tension

Posted May 31 2011 9:38pm
Prior to today I only had one way to measure the belt tension of my Gates Carbon Drive ,
Measuring belt tension with the Gates Carbon Drive Krikit belt tension gauge
with the Gates Krikit Belt Tension Gauge. When running a belt drive, it is crucial to have proper belt tension.

Recently I saw on Ecovelo blog that Gates came out with an app for the iPhone for their carbon drive belts that included a belt tension gauge. I was skeptical.
Measuring belt tension with the Gates Carbon Drive app
But it works. And it's very cool. Technology blows me away sometimes.The way it works is like this. You pluck the belt with your finger like you would a guitar string. The microphone on your iPhone (iPod Touch in my case) picks up the vibrations and measures the frequency. The app gives you a range of frequency's that you should be falling within to have proper tension. I'm a little high here. I should be in the 50-55 range. But 60's probably okay.

Simply amazing stuff.

Oh, and the app is free.
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