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Posted Feb 22 2013 6:41am 1 Comment
Two more horses came quietly out of the cheap clarisonic mia trees, one of them passing very close to Parvati, who shivered and pressed herself closer to the tree, saying, ‘I think I felt something, I think it's near me!’

‘Don’ worry, it won’ hurt yeh,’ said Hagrid patiently. ‘Righ', now, who can tell me why some o’ yeh can see ‘em an’ some can't?’

Hermione raised her hand.

‘Go on then,’ said Hagrid, beaming at her.

‘The only people who can see Thestrals,’ she said, ‘are people who have seen death.’

‘Tha's exactly right,’ said Hagrid solemnly, ‘ten points ter Gryffindor. Now, Thestrals—’

‘Hem, hem.’

Professor Umbridge had arrived. She was standing a few feet away from Harry, wearing her green hat and cloak again, her clipboard at the ready. Hagrid. who had never heard Umbridge's fake cough before, was gazing in some concern at the closest Thestral, evidently under the impression that it had made the sound.

‘Hem, hem.’

‘Oh, hello!’ Hagrid said, smiling, having located the source of the noise.

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