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Top reasons I want to do a 3-month bike tour this year.

Posted Apr 10 2012 9:53pm
Doug on tour in 2009

I've been doing a lot of thinking about my upcoming ride of the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail this summer. I decided to jot down a few reasons why I want to do this ride
10) I'm turning 50 years old next year.

9) I can put off re-building that retaining wall along the side of our property for one more year. I can simplify my to-do-list down to one thing....ride my bike.

8) I love to be outside all day and camp out at night. This way I get to do it for 3 months.

7) Absence makes the heart grow fonder. I will be away from Susan for 3 months, I will appreciate coming home to her. (This one written by Susan)

6) I really need to do an adventure on my own terms every five or ten years. I crave the chance to disconnect from everyday routine life. I like to have time to ponder.

5) Tired of waiting for "some day" as in, "I'd like to do that some day".

4) Eat as many calories a day as I want.

3) A Transcontinental Bicycle Trip has been a dream of mine for more than 30 years.

2) I'm looking forward to seeing this country from the seat of a bicycle at 12 mph.

And my number one reason for doing a 3 month bicycle tour in 2012 is
1)It's a presidential election year, enough said.

There it is.........

A few new developments in my trip planning has happened. Actually it's my employer planning for my absence. As of last Friday I now have the "leave of absence" agreement in writing signed by our Executive Director, my boss, and me. Last week they interviewed and hired a college student for a summer position to help cover some of my duties while I'm gone.

It's great to see all the pieces for my trip falling into place.
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