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To the central leadership to see a doctor

Posted Oct 08 2012 7:08am
The past each village has a sorceress, now also has, it is said that omnipotent, can give a person QiaoBing, see feng shui, the village temple is also they tube with. Don't deceive you, our village has a the man of god, his family is my a call period of water of the brother-in-law he niang, this height I designed about her in the <a href="">Women Toms Botas</a> ans village influence.
Before this, I first added a thing, the past each village has threshing wheat field, commonly known as field along, our village has south field along, north field along, s respectively belong to the first production team and the second production team, now the wheat with harvester, field along the also gradually no, mostly be near a few families to kind of became food. Ok, gossip not say, entry into business.
One morning, my grandma to the village salesroom shopping, half-way met village DongTou old lady NieLanFang, said the old sister especially close to meet, they will pick up a roadside stone bench to sit down began to speak. And hasn't arrived half sentence will pull to the witch.
NieLanFang said: "section water he niang te god."
My grandma asked her: "how god?"
"I've heard that she to the central leadership the doctor."
"To see who?"
"Deng xiaoping. NieLanFang gingerly said.
"How would she get there?"
"Go by plane.
"By plane?" My grandma don't understand ground to ask "where the take off?"
"Well, you don't know, it's the second production team from before the field along!"

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