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Tip for those who want to bike, but are busy with the kid(s)

Posted by Rebecca S.

About 20 months ago I bought a nice mountain bike with all the trimmings, and then 2 days later found out I was pregnant. It's not like you can't bike when you're pregnant (although you may want to lay off the hardcore jumping trails in your last trimester?), but my pregnancy turned out to be very difficult with extreme nausea and fatigue. Biking was the last thing on my mind. Then there was the baby, as a new mom I found myself even more exhausted after staying up all night with a crying baby. Everything takes twice as long with a kid, even a trip to the grocery store was suddenly a major event. I admire you energetic people who can strap you're baby into a baby bjorn and head out for a weekend of camping, but I didn't have the energy for adventures. Anyway, to sum it up I was beginning to feel like a self-imposed shut-in. Of course, there was that beautiful periwinkle mountain bike taunting me in the garage, still not broken in. Here's where the story gets better though. I just bought one of those kiddie trailers you hitch to the back of the bike. The baby (about 1 years-old now) LOVES to go for rides. The trailer is enclosed so he can't fall out and is designed to be very stable. I can't exactly hit a mountainous trail with the kid in tow, but I find that taking gentle rides around quiet neighborhoods is soothing for both me and the baby. It's so nice to find an activity that both mom (or dad) and baby can enjoy together. Most of the time my one year old and I have a different idea of what a "good time" is, but here's one happy occurrence where we're completely in sync! I just thought I'd share this in case it can inspire some other worn out parent. We don't have to give up on all of our favorite past-times, we just might have to modify them a little. ;-)
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