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things to do when you can't ride your bike

Posted Dec 20 2008 7:17pm
I'm making a list:

--catch up on my reading;
--research latke recipies with Sweetie (Chanukah IS coming!);
--practice my flam rudiments:

--watch Law and Order re-runs with Sweetie;
--play a little guitar;
--take a long, hot bath;
--eat homemade soup (white bean/potato/pasta at present);
--snuggle on the couch with Sweetie and our cats (fur is good this time of year)
--watch the birds at the feeder and identify as many as possible (Peterson's Guide is handy here);
--stare outside at the snow and ice and dream of 40-degree temps and rain again.

Thanks to pal Large Fella ( ) I learned that even Bill Bowerman, Oregon's patron saint of track and field, cautioned against doing too much of a good thing. So this forced hiatus from the bike is probably good for me, even if my mind is screaming ("No! I wanna ride my bike!") all the way. I'm just not intrepid enough to ride my bike on icy streets. In 20-degree temps. With a 20 mph wind from the east. Nope, sorry.

The hardest part is NOT being off the bike, but involuntarily comparing myself to the people who are still out there riding in this stuff. It's the comparing -- to younger, stronger, crazier, other bicyclists -- that keeps me from being happy in myself and content with my blessings. So this week, I'm staying dry and warm and remembering to hold my biggest blessings close to me every day.
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