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Posted Feb 01 2013 6:15am
‘To see the clinging of that clarisonic mia 2 outlet pretty little thing to her uncle,’ said 
Mr. Omer; ‘to see the way she holds on to him, tighter and tighter, 
and closer and closer, every day, is to see a sight. Now, you know, 
there’s a struggle going on when that’s the case. Why should it be 
made a longer one than is needful?’ 

I listened attentively to the good old fellow, and acquiesced, 
with all my heart, in what he said. 

‘Therefore, I mentioned to them,’ said Mr. Omer, in a 

comfortable, easy-going tone, ‘this. I said, “Now, don’t consider 
Em’ly nailed down in point of time, at all. Make it your own time. 
Her services have been more valuable than was supposed; her 
learning has been quicker than was supposed; Omer and Joram 
can run their pen through what remains; and she’s free when you 
wish. If she likes to make any little arrangement, afterwards, in the 
way of doing any little thing for us at home, very well. If she don’t, 
very well still. We’re no losers, anyhow.” For—don’t you see,’ said 
Mr. Omer, touching me with his pipe, ‘it ain’t likely that a man so 
short of breath as myself, and a grandfather too, would go and 
strain points with a little bit of a blue-eyed blossom, like her?’ 

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