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There is a growing

Posted Oct 22 2012 3:41am

There is a growing flowers, white flowers in the spring garden, white flowers in full bloom, you can't find its figure; And when the autumn wind rolled up like leaves only yellow small butterfly fell on the ground, it is open it the beautiful petals, it is the chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemum is beautiful, not only we love it, the European people also like it very much, and called it the "golden flower". In our country, the people put the chrysanthemum beats by dre pro  and the "blue" "mei", "bamboo" and called four gentleman. The appearance of chrysanthemum is very special, it has countless petals, the appearance of the petals thin, long, near to the flowers, petal is smaller. The middle of the flower and flower, flower appearance is very beautiful. The color of the chrysanthemum is different also, the most common is yellow, more rare is pink and white. You know what? In Malaysia have a kind of chrysanthemum, called pyrethrum, put the chrysanthemum ground into powder, make medicine, can destroy pests. Chrysanthemum can also make tea drink, with chrysanthemum bubble into tea has the effect of clearing away heat and toxic material, in the hot summer, drink a cup of thick chrysanthemum tea, already can sunstroke prevention, and can send a fire, it's very delicious. Chrysanthemum both health care function, also have the noble moral character, it is beautiful, but to open in late autumn, not with flowers bloom, and give it their all, never to show off, this is the chrysanthemum character. I appreciate the chrysanthemum character, it is beautiful but stand aloof from worldly success. I love chrysanthemum, because it has taught me the truth that be an upright person, that is "help others, not return" is a true gentleman.


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