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The tipping point in justice for cyclists?

Posted Jan 08 2010 12:45pm

Today, Los Angeles doctor Christopher Thompson was sentenced to five years in prison for assaulting two cyclists with his car. In addition, he will likely lose his medical license. The conviction and serious penalty of the doctor is being considered by some a turning point in finally holding motorists accountable to actions that endanger cyclists. We need only look at the recent automobile caused cycling deaths that resulted in no charges or token punishment of the motorists involved.

We’ve been so enamored with moving cars as fast as possible and so forgiving and accepting of the deaths involved, we have assumed these injuries and death were just part of the price for our automotive “freedom.” Hopefully, the decision of this court and passage of reasonable legislation like the Safe Passing Bill will ensure the safety of all road users. This ruling was a step forward, but with groups like this on Facebook, it’s not the norm. (Although any good prosecutor should have members of that group stricken from the jury of any motorist charged with injuring a cyclist.) We have more work to do. Be safe out there.

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