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The the NBA file decryption Jordan bid farewell to New York staged a retro show

Posted Sep 11 2012 9:04am

In January 1998, Air Jordan 4 Retro for sale  Pippen adjust better mentality, to put them back on the Bulls jersey, Warriors game comeback. Pippen to openly say: "I am willing to be here to the end of this season." Previously, Jordan and Dennis Rodman led the Bulls to play a wave of 16 wins and 4 losses record to return to the eastern part of the forefront.

Pippen came back, the Bulls re-ball, he to attack immediately became fluent and smooth. His presence, others know the station where the moving to where the old confidence back them. Pippen back on the first 11 games, the Bulls played 9 wins, 2 losses, and once again become the benchmark of the Alliance.

Now this Bulls, strength, focus and mental toughness is more important than pure talent. In general, the more important the game, they played better. Of course, this also means that some not-so-important game, they will be easily inattention.

Assistant coach Tex Winter is a pessimist, he always felt his team problems, always dissatisfied with the players so love to call him "Coach No (not coaching). Before the start of the season, a warm-up match, played against the Bulls with young Philadelphia 76ers, the day, the 76ers played very well, Winter, some worried.

Phil Jackson and Winter said: "Tex, they win 30 games is very lucky."

Winter: "Phil, they are comparable we have the talent."

Jackson said: "Tex, not talent, it is important to mental toughness, a collective attitude they have to win 30 games, very lucky."

Winter then asked Jackson: "You do not think Scotty, how many games we can win?"

Jackson replied: "60 games - back Scotty half of the season."

Jackson goes well, the Bulls can easily win 55 wins, 60 wins and a good chance of impact. Sure enough, Pippen's return to the team to bring new cohesion, also reduce the pressure of Jordan, who, this does not mean, however, that trouble from this with the Bulls insulation.

Pippen just come back,  jordan son of mars for sale   Cole will be because of lack of war clavicle fracture 6-8 weeks. Week later, had just been Jordan commend finished near Rodman, another night out in a New York strip club, and the absence of the pre-match training. Phil Jackson decided to punish him for his suspension, he sent home from New Jersey. Afterwards Rodman told reporters: "I think this is fair, I think Phil is correct let me go home I fly home, went directly to the training hall, began to concentrate fully I messed up and that's it, it's that simple. "

Rodman from time to time to play the role of discord, Phil Jackson, or let the other members of the team to try to understand him. In fact, the other players did with the coach and there is a consensus: launch the final impact to the championship, everyone made a huge sacrifice to win, they need to Rodman.

In the end of January, the Bulls began another round of the western road trip. February 3, the day before they face the Utah Jazz general manager Klaus suddenly decided to remove the psychological burden, to the Chicago Tribune columnist Fred Mitchell (Fred Mitchell) to confide. Klaus stressed that, after this season, Phil Jackson certainly will not come back.

Klaus Mitchell said: "If Michael chose to leave as a coach, this is his choice, not ours and we hope he comes back, we are not in a hurry to anyone to go, we did not take Michael from drive out here ... we are willing to let Michael come back, but Michael had to play for other people, no longer is Phil. "

Klaus also said that Phil Jackson is not expelled, "Phil agree that this is his last year, he did not want to go through reconstruction. Nobody to catch Phil go, this is a result of careful consideration to make good decision. "

Klaus then touched the nerve of the media. The next day, the morning Bulls play away Sir, reporters in Salt Lake City, waiting for players to counterattack. Jordan again stressed that if Phil left, he will leave. He said: "Management must be made to make the decision whether they want the team to do what they choose in which direction to move forward."

Night, the Bulls brutally reversed in the case of once-leading 24 points, the regular season against the Jazz two games are negative, which later they lost the home court advantage of the 1998 Finals. Once on shore, this time to the NBA All-Star Weekend, the Bulls others to fly back to Chicago on leave Jordan to New York to participate in the All-Star Game - absent due to Pippen beginning of the season too long, this time, Michael Jordan is the Bulls The team's sole representative.

Jordan caught a cold, almost slipping into Chicago recuperate,     jordan son of mars  more than 1000 journalists worldwide are waiting for him in New York, so he decided to take the opportunity to counter-attack to the "two Jerry. Sunday afternoon, before the All-Star game open play, Jordan in the locker room to accept the media group's visit, said a lot. Come on, someone asked him about the situation of the team, Jordan said: "I totally can not see any channel other head light I think that their position management, and I do not see how that would be beneficial for me. '

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