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The temptation of high-heeled shoes

Posted Jun 29 2012 9:24am
Women and high heels, this is the inseparable relations, Tom Ford master evidence: "don't wear the high-heeled shoes woman how talk up sexy?" High heels and sex appeal is relevant? The answer is: "of course!"

Wear high-heeled shoes of woman in a split second sexy, charm and confident outbreak, twisting waists is born swaying posture. /,high heel sale. High heels as if the women winning weapons, a pair of high-heeled shoes, increased absolutely is not only highly, but from the heart of confidence and poise.

High heels in the fashion circle constantly with different fancy beauty of the attract eyeball, and this qiu dong, high heels with protean, or sexy, or restore ancient ways, or luxury...... High-heeled shoes so attractive, how to choose a pair of suitable for your high-heeled shoes need to consider.

The beauty of high-heeled shoes is, can immediately forceful figure, spin crus line, is from the vision think proportion more slender, make body curve has the ups and downs. Wearing high heels there is really no low-heeled shoes and comfortable, but want to choose to the shoe, is no imagination in so uncomfortable, besides the point little pain, it can bring than its benefits for, again calculate what?

Harvard University health experts found that wear the high-heeled shoes of 4 to 6 cm the most help to reduce weight, this highly shoes can effectively consumption waist belly fat metabolism speeds, let you of the lower abdomen flat, sexy! But often wear the high-heeled shoes of 4 to 6 cm, the biggest problem is that it will make your back pressure, produce acerbity keenly feel, suggest you are sleeping in a soft mattress, reduce back pressure.high heel sale, /.In addition, when the back muscles when stiff, which are more likely to hit the back of the bladder throughout the so that you will be feeling cold hands, reduced immunity. Suggest you don't wear low back pack, lest back cold!

When the height of the high heels up to 6-8 cm, in when you walk, your body gravity will be natural up. A study found that, if you wear the high-heeled shoes of 7 cm walked two hours, neck stiffness will rise 22%, health experts don't usually suggest long-term face computer the OL wear the high-heeled shoes of 6-8 cm, and that will only make your neck more and more tired! Suggest you wear high heels every two hours, he put the shoes off, let double foot rest for 15 minutes, and do some moderate foot massage, key press can alleviate muscle tensity, is located in the sole of the foot even before the 1/3 place springs of water hole. ,high heel sale.In addition, if your heel height 6-8 cm in between, don't wear overweight necklace, in order to avoid excessive neck compression. If you go to a Party, a soft, light platinum necklace is a better choice!

In recent years the wedges big heat, make high heels reached new highs, 14 cm super high heels is Karl Largerfeld think the most suitable for super and short skirts design, can make whole body line more slender, produce super sexy glamour. If you don't want too sexy, also can with wide leg pants collocation, producing a tall forceful effect.

A pair of fine point with high heels does provide you add many woman flavour, but Australia's university of New England health experts point out that, often wear pointed to high heels, can let a female balance is missing, the possibility of airsick carsick, will also be greatly increased. If you wear three times or more a week pointed with high heels, suggest you do every day 1-2 times health experts recommend "finger exercise hold" and it can effectively improve the small brain nerve cells on the degree, let you have strong balance ability. "The finger exercise fuck" method: his hands folded force to rub each other, when his left hand rub up right hand, left hand to hold the right hand knuckles, right hand refers to keep straight 5-6 seconds state; Also, the right hand rub up left hand, right hand to hold the left hand knuckles, right hand refers to keep straight 5-6 seconds state. high heel sale, /. According to this action, repeat rub hands hold to 30 times, every day in the morning and do it again.

Party and high heels with wedges the health impact of smaller, they can help the body maintains a certain balance, won't let you because of the great strength work produce swimmy move. But the party and high heels with wedges weight is bigger, will bring for his great pressure, often dressed, will let you lower limb swelling, fat! Suggest you beat the leg more channels, focus on the lateral thigh is located in the gallbladder and is located in the calves of the bladder, on day 2-3 times, straight hair knock to slightly pain, sweating so far. Often beat leg ministry meridian can speed up the lower limb fat metabolism speed, help you discharge toxins legs!
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