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The small antelope to summer"

Posted Oct 10 2012 1:31am
The hot summer is coming, small antelope mother'll take her children to the high mountain to summer, small antelope think, there are many friends must also swelter, get about everybody go together. "Who go with me summer?" She looked away, and a shout. A horse sunset run to come over, for small antelope said: "I don't go, I a sweating like a cold bath wash as cool." Duiker think: the little black dog must be hot summer can not stand, to ask her summer it. At this time, the little <a href="">longchamp outlet</a> black dog was on a roof, mouth open, stretch out a long tongue, gasping for air.
"Black dog brother, alpine belt was cool, you to go with me summer?" Duiker said to him. "Thank you." Put a little black dog tail said, "my body didn't sweat, can tongue has many sweat? I stick out your tongue, is to use it perspiration ah." Duiker had to walk, came to a big tree side, saw yellow chicken lying under the tree in the sand, "you lying in the sand play, heat ah!" Duiker shake to say.
Yellow chicken "luo luo luo" laughing, it said: "I'm gasping for air, hot in the sand lie lie, every is cool." Yellow chicken do not need to summer, small antelope how disappointed! And she went into the woods to about the little squirrel.
"I don't have to go to summer." The little squirrel among the twigs jumped around, answered and said, "before the arrival of summer, I took off the thick peel winter sweater, change the thin summer clothes?" Then go? Small antelope is hesitant, gray rabbit in a rush from the front of her after, small antelope shout he. Gray rabbit swing with two big ears said: "I don't want to go to summer. Summer, I was the two big ears, can heat dissipation, regulate body temperature. Duiker see no little friends with her to go to summer, have to follow his mother go to summer la.

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