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The long beard playground

Posted Oct 09 2012 2:14am
Spring afternoon, the breeze blow gently, the sun warming Yang in the earth, and a long beard grandpa felt a little tired, want to in under the big tree have a nap, so he is lying under the tree and soon struck up a shout, long beard will cover in his body.

Kitten after under the big Giubbot Peuterey Uomo  tree, found a long beard, but it does not know what is this stuff, thought it was a piece of soft straw? So, little kittens hide in soft long beard, sleep together, long beard as a quilt. Two little rabbits from a distance rush to grow a beard above, yi, here how so fun ah, here we do game, ok.

So they beard as a tug of war of rope,! Pull up ah, a little rabbit strength is too big, a butt down before long beard. The birds found a long beard, so we call it good friend little hedgehog, two good friends play the make up plait of Fried dough twist, the bird tension side, little hedgehog 1 vigorously knitting, not for a while and then made a long braid.

At this time, the little mouse also come to join in the fun, it naughty with long beard as feathers, grandpa in nose edge panting. The voice of the xi hip-hop admire the little beetle also attracted, it tried to pull a long beard climb up.

Grandpa woke up and saw so many small animals on him to play, happily say: you have my long beard as a playground la.

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