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The lakers is the most fatal weakness is erect and key data flat Bryant couldn't think of him

Posted Mar 14 2013 3:21am 1 Comment


Sina sports - kobe Bryant

Nike Air Max 2013 (microblogging) he shot 4 of 14 to 11 points? If it doesn't matter, as long as Howard, as long as kobe Bryant hum and haw around 2 will be able to timely, the lakers (microblogging) can win all the same! Meeks hit two 3-pointers scored 11 points, a season-high eight assists Blake, assists with Bryant tied for the team first and eventually help the lakers 106-97 Cheap Nike Air Max 2013 road win over the magic, harvest four straight wins. It failed to continue after kobe Bryant god-like status, dumb fire immediately after start hitting 3-pointers, then six goals are solidly, magic in harrington and YouDeLi, led by the first quarter than 22 to 23. The tit-for-tat sent on the second team in the second quarter, Blake began to magic defense at this time. At the start of the second quarter, Blake breakthrough points after the ball, help meeks hit a cic, the lakers come back Nike Air Max 2013 Mens than 23 to 24. Then Blake with Howard to play outside threats, Howard scored hits, after Blake catch jumpers. This section, 4 assists, Blake help the lakers take, and expanded gradually. Meeks also not to be outdone, end after three quarters, the lakers' 76-68 lead, but dropped after leading the instance of the chain, for the lakers,, just a friendly meeks didn't let the tragedy again. At the beginning of the fourth quarter, meeks received Blake's pass hit a 3-pointer, then Blake and shuttling back and forth in the magic circle, less than four minutes and 3 assists. Then, meeks and Nash (microblogging) pass and dunk it takes, Nike Air Max 2013 Womens then hit a 3-pointer from the perimeter. The entire fourth quarter, meeks scored 8 points, when kobe Bryant's shooting touch bad meeks outside some important points as the lakers, eventually shooting in his stable, helped by the lakers' 106-97 win over the magic, harvest ninth victory in 11 games. Of the lakers momentum rapidly recently, no more, MVP list beyond durant (microblogging) rose to the second. But to be fair, this kobe too tired, this is not normal, if the lakers want to keep the good state, need Howard dominating inside, as result, Nike Air Max 2011 also need outside who can stand up, to share in kobe Bryant's shoulders - the same as either. Meeks and Blake, rotating the pieces are the lakers bench, they are not the savior, statistic may be dull, but they, in a short period of time can have the most powerful firepower for the lakers. Now lakers playoff situation even more unclear, but in the playoffs is the lakers' goals, if you want to make more surprise, if want to go further in the playoffs, the lakers are necessary for the hum and haw two will help.

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