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"The hungry fox"

Posted Oct 09 2012 1:19am
Once, because for a few days snow, snow mountain are all sealed up, the fox can't from the mountains down to the village to find something to eat. The fox hungry eyes straight flood stars, just can't take it anymore, and while it's fine snow melts, hurry to look for food <a href=""> scott for longchamp</a>  in the village.
The fox a to the river, they saw an otter diao a carp from hole inside drill out.
The fox said: "all this while always snow, at that time not to the village, also can not find the food to eat. How did you catch this fish? Please tell me." The otter cheat the fox said: "that's easy. You are a very cold night, find a horseshoe bolt is in its tail to the river, you will see a hole, you put the tail plug into the hole, a short while fish swallow the bait!" The fox a want to, really interesting. Then on a cold night, put a piece of horseshoe bolt is in its tail, the tail plug into the hole, after one son, the fox felt something "pa, la" touched its tail once, it wants to, must have caught a big fish. Then a sound "crash" it was very happy, want to so quickly caught two fish, it also
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