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The donkey's bad idea"

Posted Oct 10 2012 2:34am
Once upon a time, there was the businessman in town bought a lot of salt. He put salt put it in a bag, and then loading on a donkey. Businessman pull the REINS, but the donkey but feel salt bag is too heavy, and very heart unwilling feeling is not willing to walk. Town and village interval with a river. During crossing the river, the donkey punch-drunk fell into the river. Salt bag of salt is water soluble off, all has gone. <a href="">peuterey giacche</a> "Ah! Salt all lost. Alas! Damn! What a stupid ass!" Businessman with a whine. But the donkey was thrilled, because baggage reduced. "This is a good way, well! Commit it to memory, and next time he can at this to lose weight." The donkey taste blood, businessman but have not found. The second day, the merchant and with the donkey go to the town. This time is not salt, but cotton. Cotton pile on a donkey like hill. "Go! Go home! Today's luggage volume is big, but, not heavy." Traders said to the donkey, and pull the REINS. The donkey a pair of heavy appearance, slowly walk. Soon came to the river, the donkey think of yesterday's good socialist. "Yesterday is indeed in this neighborhood, today have to do go well.both to just go!" Then, the donkey and deliberately roll into the river. "Very well!" When the donkey although want to stand up, but suddenly feel can't stand up. Because cotton after water, became more heavy. "Mistake, what a shame!" The donkey side hem bray, edge carrying waterlogged and heavy luggage, and go back to the village.
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