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The Consequences of Changed iOS7

Posted May 06 2013 6:47am

Now we understand that iOS7 operating system is e has the potential to usher in a new "facelift" for Apple, looking back to Apple last year resigned from the software Senior Vice President Scott Forstall, senior, is also fully demonstrated the Cook for Apple iOS current status quo are extremely dissatisfied with the system. While Apple has greater hopes on Apple hardware industrial design Jony Ive of the new body.

According to foreign media GSMArena reports, Apple may well redesign for iOS7 system, may be more biased towards simplicity and style. Considering that Apple's iOS UI interface for a number of years the same facts, which was important to the iOS system now and in the future. Example of objects that might be part of the Android systems or Windows Phone system, Jony Ive liked the style minimalist model.

Interface changes, of course, not all, on the other hand, we also learned that Apple Mail and calendar functions for the iOS7 system function improvement, but there are no specific details of the new features. In any case, Apple ushered in a revolutionary upgrade the iOS system has become an indisputable fact.

Before the iOS, our evaluation of the look of the phone is more starting from the hardware, and smart phone let the appearance of us society where members got a finger foot: UI. "This logo is really ugly! "" Interface and icon style is not uniform! "" Too rough! "With a pretty face, a feature common application can stand out, and varied design concept also gives people more choice.

IOS 7 style has long been rumored to be changed, the trend is: abandoned to be materialized, with a flat interface. The temporary deployment of engineers from Apple iOS 7 team, which has a reason to believe that it will change. So why should Apple change the design style of iOS? What it means to change for third-party applications? GigaOM published an article on it.

Apple needs to change and competition in the mobile space and Steve Jobs launched the iPhone and iOS for the first time is very different now, Apple is unable to operate in the same way that year iPhone, again, in terms of design, new style of iOS 7 will also be the company an innovation of the past. As the new iPhone 5S will use iOS 7, most people are happy to hear that, besides, many people also are concerned with the size of iPhone 5S, if the new iPhone 5S has the same size with iPhone 5, so you can use cute iPhone cases to dress up the iPhone 5S, just like the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S have the same size, which use cute iPhone 4 cases to match iPhone 4S.

To be materialized designed six years ago was welcomed, in a vivid way, it opens the door to a smart phone for the consumer, and now, smart phones have gained popularity, which embodied the design is old, and there is no need. There are some third-party applications on the Apple platform has a bold attempt, using the new design, flat design of adding more, such as learning from Microsoft's Metro design.

Changes to the design of the system will also spread to those specifically designed for application. Michael Simmons points out that the design of the Flexibits most important not to follow the trend, but easily understandable to the user. "Native roots users snap--gave them a have the same UI application, they do not need to learn a few new things. ” Mobile design stores Impending co-founder, as well as Clear a designer Phill Ryu told GiaoOM:

"Custom UI applications to benefit from and to a certain extent depend on the design features integration with the operating system, because the operating system users are already familiar with these design features, stepping stone design application is to guide the user to explore the unknown. If iOS 7 changes are significant, the stepping stones need to be modified. ”

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