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The commutes on the Pugsley continue.

Posted Jan 06 2010 4:17pm
The view on the commute this morning. I never get tired of looking at Lake Superior.

I've said it many times before. I never intended to use the Pugsley for commuting. It was purchased for off-road winter fun (and a few attempts at the Arrowhead Ultra 135). But since the Christmas snow/ice/rain storm, it has proven to be the best choice, by far, for getting to work safely. Many of the side streets I take still have 2-3 inch thick ice with ruts in it. The wide Endomorph tires really float right over that stuff. I feel much more confident on them than the studded tires on my Surly Cross Check .
The benefit of riding the Pugsley to work is I can hit some snowmobile trails on the way home. I can ride trails for about 3 of the 8 miles of my commute. Not much, but it is way fun right now because the trails are in top notch shape for some fast snowbiking.
My usual road route on Skyline Parkway takes me along the face of that ridge across the way. The snowmobile trail rides the top of that ridge. If you biggen the picture you can see one of the power line towers that line the corridor the trail follows.

Above, in these temperatures (warm today at 15F/-9C) I have to remember not to exhale as I snap the photo. That vapor is from my breathe.
Beautiful hardpacked trails. Fast and smooth with no surprises.

Still lovin' my Titec H-bar set-up.
I bombed down this hill at 17 mph. That's flyin' on a snow bike. At the bottom is the 40th Ave West road crossing just above Skyline Parkway. Then it's a steep climb back up onto the ridge.

Some more below zero mornings coming up and then it's a warming trend into next week.
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