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The Apple Tree

Posted Jul 09 2009 4:14pm

Two men set out on separate journeys. One was on a quest to find God; the other had no thoughts of God whatsoever. In fact he was not even sure there was a God; he simply needed an answer to the question, “Who am I?” Eventually the two men found themselves at the same destination.

The one man found God and in doing so discovered his true self; the other in searching for himself, found God. This is not surprising; the two are connected and you cannot find one without the other.

One had gone in search of an apple tree and on finding it, discovered the fruit. The other was on a quest to find the apple and in doing so discovered the tree it grew on.

This apple tree analogy started out as a tiny paragraph in the closing chapters of my novel Prodigal Child, published in 2003. One could weave many variations on this theme, such as a man who enjoys the apples, but doesn’t really care about the tree, or maybe doesn’t even believe there is a tree.

I’m sure I lost readers as soon as I mentioned the word “God.” It is a simple word, just three letters; spelled backwards it is Dog; yet it is guaranteed to make some feel uncomfortable enough that they will stop reading or dismiss the whole piece.

Shakespeare said, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” An apple in different languages is known by a different word, but it is still the same piece of fruit. If I use the terms of the different religions of the world, it is still the same Deity or Entity; I choose to use the simplest word I know which is God.

Believing in love is easier for some than believing in God, and when it comes down to basics it is the same thing.

All the religions have a single theme: That God is Love. Lennon and McCartney said, “All you need is love,” and there has never been a truer word spoken. A man, who truly loves himself and loves the rest of mankind, has found God in my way of thinking; even if he doesn’t see it that way. Because all you need is love, and love is all there is.

I was the person who set out on a journey to find myself. I hated myself, and I could see no rhyme, reason, or purpose for my being here. Those of you, who know the biblical story of the Prodigal Son, will remember when the son decided to return home to his Father, the Father came out to meet him.

The meaning of this story was brought home to me when I started looking for a reason for my own existence, things started to happen, small miracles occurred, created by nothing but my own positive thoughts. I knew some Higher Power, or Universal Intelligence was at work. Not only was it at work, but It was a part of me, and I was part of It. Like the apple and the tree.

I cannot prove to anyone that there is a God, or Higher Power; that is up to each individual to find for themselves, if they are so inclined. It is like saying to me, “Prove to me that sugar is sweet.” The proof that sugar is sweet is in experiencing or tasting of it. If you refuse to taste sugar, of if sugar is not available to you, how can I prove its sweetness by mere words.

You may believe me when I tell you that sugar is sweet, just as religion tells us there is a God, but can you be sure that I have actually tasted sugar, or have I simply learned that it is sweet, from others?

I said I found God, (Again, I emphasize, just a convenient word I use.) I did not say I found religion. Religion, in my book, takes something that is already difficult enough to explain, and makes it even more complicated.

All you really need to do is just taste the fucking sugar. And if that word made you feel uncomfortable, maybe you are not so different than those who are uncomfortable with the “God” word


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