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That's unfortunate.

Posted Nov 21 2008 4:25pm
At least that was the ER doctors sentiments. Let me explain.

Yesterday we were having some pretty heavy snow flurries coming down in the morning. Even though were not enough flurries to accumulate any snow cover. I was still excited about getting out and feeling the cold wet flakes hitting my face as rode along. I headed out on the LHT. My first thought was to ride the Munger Trail. But yesterday was opening day for firearms deer season. Not a good time to ride along a wooded trail.
So I headed through town to the east side and out the Scenic Hwy 61 for a few miles.
It was very blustery by the big lake. As I headed back towards down town I decided to ride out to Park Point. I needed to cross over the Aerial Lift Bridge. It has a metal grate deck on it. It's narrow, so I'll often cross over on the sidewalk. Bikes are permitted as long as you walk them. The bridge had light traffic. I decided to take the metal grated roadway. I knew it could be treacherous, but had been over it before. Plus I had a bike with fatter tires. As soon as I got onto the bridge deck my tires got squirrely and before I could slow down I got slammed to the deck. My head hit the guard rail on the way down and my right shoulder slammed on the curb. When I looked up at my arm I knew it was broken because it was pointing in a direction that isn't natural. I bounced up right away to get out of the way of traffic. My arm returned to it's normal position, but had a lot of pain. Some nice people stopped and I asked them to call an ambulance.

I have a frature on the arm bone ball tha fits into the shoulder. It will require surgery this week. I spent the night in the hospital to get the pain under control. I couldn't take another night there so they let me come home.
That was probably my last ride of the year. It will end my 13 1/2 month streak of riding to work everyday. I was easily on my way to a 7,200 mile plus year. Instead it will end at 6,525 miles.

That's unfortunate.
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