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Posted Nov 19 2012 3:04am
“I didn't think of Voldemort,” said beats by dre solo Harry honestly. “I — I remembered those Dementors.” 

“I see,” said Lupin thoughtfully. “Well, well…I'm impressed.” He smiled slightly at the look of surprise on Harry's face. “That suggests that what you fear most of all is — fear. Very wise, Harry.” 

Harry didn't know what to say to that, so he drank some more tea. 

“So you've been thinking that I didn't believe you capable of fighting the Boggart?” said Lupin shrewdly. 

“Well…yeah,” said Harry. He was suddenly feeling a lot happier. “Professor Lupin, you know the Dementors —” 

He was interrupted by a knock on the door. 

“Come in,” called Lupin. 

The door opened, and in came Snape. He was carrying a goblet, which was smoking faintly, and stopped at the sight of Harry, his black eyes narrowing. 

“Ah, Severus,” said Lupin, smiling. “Thanks very much. Could you leave it here on the desk for me?” 

Snape set down the smoking goblet, his eyes wandering between Harry and Lupin. 

“I was just showing Harry my Grindylow,” said Lupin pleasantly, pointing at the tank. 

“Fascinating,” said Snape, without looking at it. “You should drink that directly, Lupin.” 

“Yes, Yes, I will,” said Lupin. 

“I made an entire cauldronful,” Snape continued. “If you need more.” 

“I should probably have some again tomorrow. Thanks very much, Severus.” 

“Not at all,” said Snape, but there was a look in his eye Harry didn't like. He backed out of the room, unsmiling and watchful. 
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