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Switch to an electric bicycle - be eco-friendly

Posted Jun 19 2009 10:47am

Electric Bicycles are most appropriate for those who do not travel fast and are ideal for children and aged people. With the rising price of petroleum products, electric bikes are a great replacement for transport because electric bikes are battery operated.


There are many advantages of electric bikes such as: the battery of an electric bike has a life time of one to two years and is able of running more than 10,000 miles when it is charged 300 times. The electric bike is not too heavy which is a great advantage for the user.


Nowadays an electric bike might cost the same as a regular bike or it might be a little less expensive. Having an electric bike can save you great money in the long run. When the electric bikes are charged for a couple of hour’s everyday, it would enough for the whole day to travel. On the other hand, electric bikes do not emit any pollution or noise.


Comparing an electric bike with its similar gasoline bike, an electric bike has the advantage of saving you a lot of gas. Also, there is no need for any license or registration for electric bikes. Some electric bikes come with pedals and so, even if the battery runs down, it is possible to ride the bike using pedals only such bikes like Izip electric bikes and the Ezip bikes. People who have to stop frequently and move on the narrow lanes and traffic find electric bikes very helpful.


An electric bike can speed up to around 15 to 20 Miles which is faster than walking. It is possible to control the speed of the electric bike like riding faster on cool days that increases wind chill and maintaining a normal speed on hot days. Thus, by using an electric bike, every one can enjoy the comfort of the bike and be a little eco-friendly.

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