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Stanford Departments Bikes Lease Program

Posted by Steven D.

Stanford Departments can now lease bikes for the year from the Stanford Bike Shop. A great way to get around campus and get some exercise while you're doing it!

Why lease Breezer bikes

  • A new and versatile transportation option for your staff
    • Green – zero environmental impact
    • Exercise and fresh air
    • Hassle-free no-permit parking
    • A fleet addition that fits between walking and driving and is more versatile than either
    • Inexpensive (62¢ or less per day) including on-site maintenance
Lease program summary

  • All-inclusive cost of $225 per year each
    • Custom-configured Breezer bikes for your departments transportation needs on and off campus
    • Any required maintenance at your site
  • Renewable annually at $175 per year each

Breezer bikes shown below

  • Conventional triangle frame
  • U-frame - step-through ease for both men and women

Lease Program Details

Custom-configured bikes for your department’s transportation needs

  • Durable Breezer bikes, including accessories and simple and reliable shifting
  • Ideal for campus and local transportation
    • Ready whether it’s a formal meeting or a delivery or pickup
    • Park right at your destination, free and no permit required
    • Simple gearing for easy pedaling
    • Carrying space for notebooks, tools and much more
  • Include
    • Reliable and simple 3-speed gearing – go anywhere wth ease
    • Rear rack with attached collapsible basket – basket opens up whenever needed
    • Full fenders and full chain guard – protects clothing from dirt, grease, and puddles
    • Comfortable, waterproof spring seat – go anywhere in comfort
    • Bell – safety for the rider and others
    • Kickstand – convenient for parking
    • Kryptonite U-lock and bolted wheels/seat post – theft protection for the bike and components
    • Stanford and California license and registration – done for you and at no cost
  • Available in both conventional and step-through frames – see previous page, the U-frame step-through option makes the bike easier to get on and off and accommodates a wider range of rider heights

All-inclusive and inexpensive lease

  • Covers one (1) year, may be renewed annually at a discount
  • Includes
    • One or more custom-configured Breezer department bikes – see next page
    • All required maintenance
      • Flat repairs, including new tubes
      • Tuneups, adjustments
      • No pickup or dropoff required, 24 hour turn-around guaranteed
  • Lease cost
    • $225 per Breezer bike for first year
    • $175 per same Breezer bike for subsequent years
    • All required maintenance included

See the website for more details:

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This is pretty revolutionary stuff: when was the program started? I was in charge of keeping three department bikes ride-able for my former department for eleven years, and it was a huge hassle! Now my new department has no bikes at all, and it's a huge hassle, as well: but no more, as this arrangement sounds too good to miss. Way to go, Campus Bike Shop!
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