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Social Cycling Austin putting out the call for help in growing activities in 2011

Posted Jan 27 2011 10:30am

In this week’s Thursday Night Social Ride announcement , Social Cycling Austin head honcho Keith Byrd put out a call to action to help grow the scope of the group in 2011. After meteoric growth in 2009 and an expansion in the number of rides offered in 2010 , Social Cycling Austin is looking to create more events and find more ways to make a difference in our community and get people on bikes.

A bit of Social Cycling Austin news/business/call to action/whatever. 2011 is going to be an awesome year for our group. We are cooking up some stuff. Big stuff. But we CANNOT do it without the whole group pitching in. Think about what you do best, ANY skills you have or ANY cause that you are really enthusiastic about that you are willing to put your energy behind. Social Cycling Austin NEEDS YOUR HELP. Whatever you do, whatever your skill, whatever your interests, we need you to help our already very unique and special group grow into something phenomenal that will not only provide you with enough fun to make your head implode… but will serve as an example of how to come together in a grassroots effort to make a difference both within a cycling community and a community in general.

Think about it. Web designer? Good organizer? Welder? Bike mechanic? Lawyer? Writer? Teacher? Marketer? Event planner? Cook? Beer brewer? Moonshiner? These are just some examples of how you can contribute. Anything is useful. If you are into riding bikes, having fun and making a difference, Social Cycling Austin needs you!!! Head imploding fun and making a difference! Do it! I’ll be writing all of you soon and putting up and email shortly for any volunteers or questions.

If you want to help, join the Social Cycling Facebook group or contact Keith for more info.

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