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So far this season Garnett's performance

Posted Nov 27 2012 2:33am
So far this season, Garnett's performance, as always, stability, data can contribute 15.2 points, 7.2 rebounds, respectively, and 2nd place in the Celtic.Today, with the magic of the competition and not much before the match highlights, Warcraft Howard, Garnett VS Howard's showdown will play.Unfortunately, now magic has already undergone, in the face of small roles like Vucevic, Garnett nike air max 2011 uk   was notably not too enthusiastic.Halftime down Garnett field goal attempts are not much, only 5 times, but his offensive efficiency is very good, 5 shooting, contributed 9 points and 6 rebounds income, more than any player in the magic.More important is that Garnett on the efficiency value of +8, is the highest of all.In other words, when the presence of Garnett, Celtic can NET the winning Magic 8!You know, half green army lead by 10 points only.

Fourth section the final 1 minutes and 52 seconds, Landau drop directly in strong side to weak sidenike air max 2012 for sale corners, which seem to have noted this, sustained basketball God has wiped his hands touch the bottom line.It was the last time Terry almost the epitome of moment he has been put on the pitch, but few as.This season joined Celtic of Terry in season early show out has getting better of momentum, while field outside he stood with investment failed of plagued, but presence within, special in after has Qian 5 field of replacement experience zhihou, recently 8 field all are is first appearances, presence are 26.7 minutes of appearances time in, contribution of 11.5 points only in three giant Garnett, and Pierce and Landau zhihou, is team of fourth large blind.However you want to see what he hit, this is scary, reaching 51.5%, Point Percentage reached 42.6%, with "God" to describe him too much.

This zhihou, Nielsen of personal performances still in continues to, distal also has 11 points 11 seconds, Nielsen outside three points again made gun, just 133 seconds time within, he continuous cut Xia 11 points, help magic team from behind 6 points to leading 7 points, made has a wave 13-0 of rebel climax, this is Nielsen gang leader Union so years maximum of strengths, he has in short time within set outbreak of powerful attack, but next, distal short rest Hou back, he also exposed out has itself technology features Shang a maximum of short plate.Key ball, this thing Nielsen at link.6 points 24 seconds again debut three points does not in the, then in the distance jump shot also partial out basket, Celtic managed to recovery flat score, dang general time also has 32 seconds end Shi Nielsen this has opportunities for Magic team lock shengju, but he of three points hit baskets pop-up, competition on entered overtime, overtime racing in, Nielsen had has a fill basket became, that is in competition also has 43 seconds end Shi, Celtic still leading 3 points, this key moments magic team needs was station out tide.
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