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Ski Gangs Of Aspen

Posted Oct 25 2012 7:36am

BellMountain on Ajax, a steep pyramid-pitch that plunges skiers toward downtown Aspen, became the playground for the six core members of the Buckaroos. It can be skied from first chair until close because of its varied aspects and, more importantly, Bell Mountain is visible from the seven of Aspens eight chairlifts. Bell Mountain was the stage for the hot-dogging, mogul-loving Buckaroos to perform. Everyone in Aspen grew to recognize the gang. They were a fun-loving crew, always announcing each others descents down Bell Mountain like a play-by-play announcer for a football game and serenading good-looking girls in the gondola.

They developed an encrypted language to keep things within their group, intended to keep visitors glued to the trail maps while the Bell Mountain guys would fly past barking out directions to each other where they thought good snow would be (without any tourists chopping it up). Tourists would hear Buckers Delight, Tubes, and Face to Face to Face as the Buckaroos would do royal christies past them, headed toward secret powder stashes on Bell Mountain. It kept the tourists in certain spots, away from the Buckaroos goods.

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