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Posted Feb 28 2013 7:36am
Ath. Then I suppose that I must repeat toms outlet the singular argument ofthose who manufacture the soul according to their own impious notions;they affirm that which is the first cause of the generation anddestruction of all things, toms shoes outlet to be not first, but last, and that whichis last to be first, and hence they have fallen into error about thetrue nature of the Gods.
Cle. Still I do not understand you.
Ath. Nearly all of them, my friends, seem to be ignorant of thenature and power of the soul, especially in what relates to herorigin: they do not know that she is amon g the first of things, andbefore all bodies, and is the chief author of their changes andtranspositions. And if this is true, and if the soul is older than thebody, must not the things which are of the soul's kindred be ofnecessity prior to those which appertain to the body?
Cle. Certainly.
Ath. Then thought and attention and mind and art and law will beprior to that which is hard and soft and heavy and light; and thegreat and primitive works and actions will be works of art; theywill be the first, and after them will come nature and works ofnature, which however is a wrong term for men to apply to them;these will follow, and will be under the government of art and mind.
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