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single curse

Posted Nov 17 2012 3:42am
But before he could utter a toms outlet store single curse or insult, Harry felt a great pain at the top of his head; he inhaled a lot of ash and, choking, found himself being dragged backwards through the flames, until with a horrible abruptness he was staring up into the wide, pallid face of Professor Umbridge who had dragged him backwards out of the fire by the hair and was now bending his neck back as far as it would go, as though she were going to slit his throat.

‘You think,’ she whispered, bending Harry's neck back even further, so that he was looking up at the ceiling, ‘that after two Nifflers I was going to let one more foul, scavenging little creature enter my office without my knowledge? I had Stealth Sensoring Spells placed all around my doorway after the last one got in, you foolish boy. Take his wand,’ she barked at someone he could not see, and he felt a hand grope inside the chest pocket of his robes and remove the wand. ‘Hers, too.’

Harry heard a scuffle over by the door and knew that Hermione had also just had her wand wrested from her.

‘I want to know why you are in my office,’ said Umbridge, shaking the fist clutching his hair so that he staggered.

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