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Posted Nov 12 2012 8:55am
Harry looked toward the right-hand side of the dungeon. Not one person raised their hand. ugg sale Many of the witches and wizards around the walls began to clap. One of the witches on the jury stood up. 

“Yes?” barked Crouch. 

“We'd just like to congratulate Mr. Bagman on his splendid performance for England in the Quidditch match against Turkey last Saturday,” the witch said breathlessly. 

Mr. Crouch looked furious. The dungeon was ringing with applause now. Bagman got to his feet and bowed, beaming. 

“Despicable,” Mr. Crouch spat at Dumbledore, sitting down as Bagman walked out of the dungeon. “Rookwood get him a job indeed.…The day Ludo Bagman joins us will be a sad day indeed for the Ministry.…” 

And the dungeon dissolved again. When it had returned, Harry looked around. He and Dumbledore were still sitting beside Mr. Crouch, but the atmosphere could not have been more different. There was total silence, broken only by the dry sobs of a frail, wispy-looking witch in the seat next to Mr. Crouch. She was clutching a handkerchief to her mouth with trembling hands. 
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