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Posted Dec 05 2012 7:42am

Str. And now, since canada goose jackets sale there has been shown to be false speech and
false opinion, there may be imitations of real existences, and out
of this condition of the mind an art of deception may arise.

Theaet. Quite possible.

Str. And we have: already admitted, in what preceded, that the
Sophist was lurking in one of the divisions of the likeness-making

Theaet. Yes.

Str. Let us, then, renew the attempt, and in dividing any class,
always take the part to the right, holding fast to that which holds
the Sophist, until we have stripped him of all his common
properties, and reached his difference or peculiar. Then we may
exhibit him in his true nature, first to ourselves and then 
to kindred dialectical spirits.

Theaet. Very good.

Str. You may remember that all art was originally divided 
by us into creative and acquisitive.

Theaet. Yes.
Str. And the Sophist was flitting before us in the acquisitiveclass, in the subdivisions of hunting, contests, merchandise, and the like.

Theaet. Very true.

Str. But now that the imitative art has enclosed him, it is clear
that we must begin by dividing the art of creation; for 
imitation is a kind of creation of images, however, as we affirm, and not of real things.

Theaet. Quite true.

Str. In the first place, there are two kinds of creation.

Theaet. What are they?

Str. One of them is human and the other divine.

Theaet. I do not follow.

Str. Every power, as you may remember our saying originally, which
causes things to exist, not previously existing, was defined by us
as creative.

Theaet. I remember.

Str. Looking, now, at the world and all the animals and plants, at
things which grow upon the earth from seeds and roots, as well as at
inanimate substances which are formed within the earth, fusile or
non-fusile, shall we say that they come into existence-not having
existed previously-by the creation of God, or shall we agree with
vulgar opinion about them?

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