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Sending Congrats!!!

Posted Oct 04 2009 11:14pm
So I was busy last week... but so were a lot of good friends and I need to send out some some strong congratulations to them for the things they have achieved:

1- Tony Cervati -- founder and team captain of Type1Rider, was officially named to the 29er Crew for Gary Fisher mountain bikes. This is a huge step for him & his goals with T1R. His years as a solid, very strong endurance mountain biker, his support for local cycling organizations, & his diabetes advocacy have finally caught the attention of the national mtn biking community. He's a featured diabetic athlete for Cozmore insulin pumps, ride chairman for the Eastern NC ADA Tour de Cure, and has numerous 6/12/18 and 24-hr mtn bike races and wins to boot. Recently, Tony and his wife ticked off a 1st place and 3rd place finishes in two of TORC's 6-hour endurance races in the Triangle. Congrats Tony!!!

2- Erik R, Ken H, Ben G -- Some of "my boys" just got back from what has traditionally been our yearly New Hampshire ice climbing trip. With a lot of conflicts for our normal group, a number of us couldn't make it this year, but 3 of the guys did. They encountered mixed weather and ice conditions but managed to squeak in good lead climbs on a number of routes, the most noteworthy being Pegasus (WI 4) in Crawford Notch. That was just the cake... the icing was a summit of Mount Washington on a rare calm and moderate temp sunny day. We have made numerous attempts in the past & like many of even the world class alpinists, this "low altitude" mountain has until now "repelled" us with either insane conditions or a need to assist in the rescues of other parties. I personally have made 6 attempts, and I'm 0-6. For Erik and Ben to make it up... that's as good a feeling as making it myself at this point. Congrats E, B, and K!!!

3- Team Type 1 -- Last week, 8 riders from their pro road team were in the field of the Amgen Tour of California battling it out with the likes of Levi, George, Lance, Zabriske, Christian, Cavendish, et al. TT1 was an strong crowd favorite and they rode very well, but not without struggles. This year's tour was royally tough with the opening 3 days seeing rain and cold temps and then the addition of some very tough mountain stages. Of the 8 riders, Phil Southerland and Fabio Calabria are the only two with type 1 diabetes. The team experienced crashes, illness, injury, which resulted in only 3 of the 8 finishing the entire tour. Disappointment for them? Kind of -- there are always hopes for better results. But what they did accomplish was awesome and something to continue to build upon... and they had 2 type 1's in an international field who did well! Phil is coming back from heart surgery last fall and Fabio had some other challenges... but they were in the game! Val, Matt W, and Jones all completed the tour and weren't "lost in the pack" during the week's event coverage. It was really cool to watch and cheer them on & I look forward to their continued successes and the impact the team has on diabetes advocacy. Congrats Team Type 1!

Congrats again to all of these folks! Take care --J
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