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Posted Jan 22 2013 1:07am
Jacques One struck in, and asked if he ash outlet had ever seen the man 

“Never,” answered the mender of roads, recovering his 

Jacques Three demanded how he afterwards recognised him 
“By his tall figure,” said the mender of roads, softly, and with 
his finger at his nose. “When Monsieur the Marquis demands that 
evening, ‘Say, what is he like?’ I make response, ‘Tall as a 

“You should have said, short as a dwarf,” returned Jacques 

“But what did I know? The deed was not then accomplished, 
neither did he confide in me. Observe! Under those circumstances 
even, I do not offer my testimony. Monsieur the Marquis indicates 
me with his finger, standing near our little fountain, and says, ‘To 
me! Bring that rascal!’ My faith, messieurs, I offer nothing.” 

“He is right there, Jacques,” murmured Defarge, to him who 
had interrupted. “Go on!” 

“Good!” said the mender of roads with an air of mystery. “The 
tall man is lost, and he is sought—how many months? Nine, ten, 

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