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said Hagrid,

Posted Nov 12 2012 8:11am
Moody was limping toward them, leaning on his staff, his wand lit. 

“Damn leg,” Moncler Kids he said furiously. “Would've been here quicker…what's happened? Snape said something about Crouch -” 

“Crouch?” said Hagrid blankly. 

“Karkaroff, please, Hagrid!” said Dumbledore sharply. 

“Oh yeah…right y'are, Professor…” said Hagrid, and he turned and disappeared into the dark trees, Fang trotting after him. 

“I don't know where Barty Crouch is,” Dumbledore told Moody, “but it is essential that we find him.” 

“I'm onto it,” growled Moody, and he pulled out his wand and limped off into the forest. 

Neither Dumbledore nor Harry spoke again until they heard the unmistakable sounds of Hagrid and Fang returning. Karkaroff was hurrying along behind them. He was wearing his sleek silver furs, and he looked pale and agitated. 

“What is this?” he cried when he saw Krum on the ground and Dumbledore and Harry beside him. “What's going on?” 

“I vos attacked!” said Krum, sitting up now and rubbing his head. “Mr. Crouch or votever his name -” 

“Crouch attacked you? Crouch attacked you? The Triwizard judge?” 
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