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Posted Nov 20 2012 6:18am
“Yeah, we do,” said Harry. He Beats By Dre NHL seized his rucksack, swung it onto his shoulders. “I – ”

He looked at Mrs. Tonks, wanting to apologize for the state of fear in which he left her and for which he felt so terribly responsible, but no words occurred to him that he did not seem hollow and insincere.

“I’ll tell Tonks – Dora – to send word, when she… Thanks for patching us up, thanks for everything, I – ”

He was glad to leave the room and follow Ted Tonks along a short hallway and into a bedroom. Hagrid came after them, bending low to avoid hitting his head on the door lintel.

“There you go, son. That’s the Portkey.”

Mr. Tonks was pointing to a small, silver-backed hairbrush lying on the dressing table.

“Thanks,” said Harry, reaching out to place a finger on it, ready to leave.

“Wait a moment,” said Hagrid, looking around. “Harry, where’s Hedwig?”

“She… she got hit,” said Harry.

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