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Ritual and Training

Posted by Jim K.

Ritual is a mechanism that can enhance your personal training. A proper ritual dedicated to preparing you to work out should engage you on multiple levels -- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Our physical warm-up should be a dynamic, focused routine, specifically tailored to our chosen sport. In this way specific neuromuscular patterning will be switched on and functional range of movement improves. Our mental and emotional warm-up should include the identification of clear-cut, short-term goals, effective self-talk, positive visualization and controlled breathing all designed to produce an optimal level of readiness. A certain amount of arousal can be a motivator but too much will certainly work against you. Finally, preparation of your spirit is the foundation on which your training success will be built. During your ritual of preparation you must train yourself to regain clarity and serenity because this is where your true power will come from. Cultivate calm during a segment of your day. Do not limit the experience of your training with memory of the past or anticipation of the future. End the delusion of time and train in the present. Make the shift to a greater state of sensory awareness where there is no self talk, interpretation of events or random, compulsive thought. Open yourself to the experience that is constantly before you and train from one moment to the next.
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