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Ridge to Ridge ride

Posted May 25 2009 10:45pm
This is what I really wanted to do this past weekend. Lay around in the sun like Ciro the Cat. But alas I have a week long bike tour planned starting next Sunday. Having only 1,000 miles on the legs, with few long rides, I am a bit concerned about my ability to do the planned 65-85 mile days. I felt the need to do a "training" ride this weekend. I had tossed around the idea of doing at least a 70 miler on Saturday. Well Friday night some friends from Minneapolis showed up with little advance notice. They stuck around until 10:00 in the morning on Saturday. It was a good time. Then we had a wedding to attend at 3:00. So I didn't get any rides in. To be honest, I've been enjoying my low mileage days as of late since coming back from my broken arm on March 17 th. I'm never tired out and enjoy all my bike time. Quite a noticeable difference from the 7500-8500 mile years the past three years. I always seemed to be recovering from one ride or another. I always felt like I never had fresh legs when doing that kind of mileage.
Sunday morning I puttered around house getting things checked off the never ending list. I managed to finally get out on a bike around 1:30. I decided to take the LHT, instead of the new Ellis, mainly because I only have two rides on it this year and it's the bike I'll be loading up next week. I headed over to Wisconsin for one of my favorite 50 mile loops I call the Ridge to Ridge ride. There is a ridge that runs the length of Duluth (and the North Shore of Lake Superior). I live near the bottom of that ridge. From that ridge you can see a low ridge about 15 miles south of Superior WI across the river. The above picture is that low ridge as I approach the short climb up to it.
This excellently restored Ford Model A is at a home along the top of the ridge. This guy always has some antique Ford sitting outside on nice days.
This unrestored Ford is also in his yard.

A picture of the LHT when I stopped for a nature call off in the trees.

This is the drop off the ridge going back towards Superior, WI. In the distance is Minnesota and the ridge along Lake Superior. Temps where perfect for me, I don't like hot weather. Low 60's near the big lake and mid-70's when I got away from it.

I have a bad habit of taking the same routes all the time. I went "off-route" for a few miles through the Superior Municipal Forest on this wonderful gravel road. I'm glad I made the detour. It was short, but much more scenic. Hard to believe I was in the middle of a city.

The above road is what it looks like when the gravel returns to pavement. This also is only a few miles long.

Soon I was back down to the St Louis River and ready to head home to Minnesota across the bridge.

It's quite the thrill riding this walkway across a high bridge with a huge drop-off just over the railing.

All in all I was quite pleased with my ride. Total distance was 54 miles. It was a beautiful day to be outside. I managed a leisurely 15.4 mph average pace. I was feeling tired when I got home, but thankfully I wasn't cooked. I'm thinking I can do the tour, but expect to have some tired days since I'll be loaded with camping gear and food.
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