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Posted Jan 26 2013 12:56am
“Ha! ha! ha!” laughed Fagin, ash boots as if he were relieved by even this 
concession. “You’re like yourself tonight, Bill! Quite like yourself.” 

“I don’t feel like myself when you lay that withered old claw on 
my shoulder, so take it away,” said Sikes, casting off the Jew’s 

“It makes you nervous, Bill—reminds you of being nabbed, 
does it?” said Fagin, determined not to be offended. 

“Reminds me of being nabbed by the devil,” returned Sikes. 
“There never was another man with such a face as yours, unless it 
was your father, and I suppose he is singeing his grizzled red 
beard by this time, unless you came straight from the old un 
without any father at all betwixt you; which I shouldn’t wonder at, 
a bit.” 

Fagin offered no reply to this compliment; but, pulling Sikes by 
the sleeve, pointed his finger towards Nancy, who had taken 
advantage of the foregoing conversation to put on her bonnet, and 
was now leaving the room. 

“Hallo!” cried Sikes. “Nance. Where’s the gal going to at this 
time of night?” 

“Not far.” 
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