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Recumbent bike riding is great exercise while riding in comfort

Posted Jun 12 2009 8:38am

Here in the Denver area there are many bike trails and riders, especially on the weekend. My wife and I like to ride different trails each time we go out, and we are not in a hurry. She rides an upright transitional bike while I ride my recumbent and stay comfortable.

  I love my BikeE - This picture is a recent one from early July in Dillon, Colorado

They did a story about me recently in our local YourHub

Lakewood man's recumbent a smooth, comfy ride

There are a lot of different types of recumbents, but there is no big bike manufacturer making bikes anymore. Mine is a BikeE, and they are always available for sale on ebay used, but that company went out of business several years ago.

I have a Recumbent Bike page where I display many recumbent listings and it has lots of information and links for anyone who wants to learn about recumbent, or "Bent" riding. 

Recumbent Biking - Bent Rider's Bikes and Trikes - Links

While we do not ride fast,  we sometimes ride the trails here in the Denver area for 3 hours at a time covering lots of mile. We have lots of choices like the Bear Creek trail, the Clear Creek trail, Cherry Creek, South Platte and many more. One of our favorites is to hop on the Bear Creet trail at the intersection with the South Platte, and ride to Morrison for lunch. We catch an Italian sub at the Mill Creek Deli and then ride back through the Bear Creek State Park and make our way back to the car. I always take my camera and just enjoy a steady paced ride.

Nice steady paced bike rides are great cardio exercise, and totally enjoyable. We are not in a race. Just ride and enjoy all the benefits!

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