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Posted Nov 21 2008 4:25pm
Time really has been flying. It's been one week since my surgery. Seems like two days have passed, not seven. My days have been all the same. Lots of sleeping. I haven't been awake for longer than 4 hours since I got home.

I get up early to eat a light breakfast, and then sleep until 10 or 11. About that time I set up my bath in the bathroom. My bad arm is my right hand and I'm right handed. So everything takes me time. Right now I still have stitches in the arm. So I do a body bath and hair wash out of the sink while sitting atop the toilet. Right now the bath is the highlight of my day. Feels good to get clean. I then shave left handed. All this takes me 45 minutes.

Susan has been able to stop at home during her day for a quick lunch together. The rest of the day is mostly more napping and computer time. I'm pretty beat by 4 and in bed by 7:30 or 8. I sleep great, except for in the early morning. The past three days my shoulder is screaming with pain when I sit up out of bed. I can't lay back down for at least an hour. I take my pain meds and ice the shoulder until it calms down.

I'm in good spirits and haven't been awake enough to get bored yet. I have a follow up appointment Thursday.

A little perspective for you about my accident. I appreciate all the comments and well wishes. Everyone, myself included, thought the forced time off the bike would be tortuous to someone like me that rode all the time. So far that hasn't been the case. I've been sitting around trying to figure out why..and I think I know. For one simple reason. I already know my most likely outcome. What I did was fracture a bone in my arm. I got it fixed. It will heal and in 4-6 months I should be able to ride again, much like I did before the accident.

If you follow what I'm getting at it's not like getting a cycling related knee or tendon problems. My problem was diagnosed within a couple of hours, fixed with a standard surgery, and I know what to expect from the surgery.

A knee problem that starts with an annoying pain that gets worse, so you lay-off it for a few days, then it continues, so you see a doctor, who isn't much help,and then you wonder if you'll ever ride again as it gets worse until you can barely walk.....I don't have that, I'll be back on the bike in 4-6 months.

Yeah, I'm already missing my daily rides, and I'm totally bummed I'm going to miss out on the entire snowbike season, but...I'll be back on the bike in 4-6 months. It's very clear, there won't be any sitting around wondering if I'll ever ride again.
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