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Race Across the Sky (Quick Review)

Posted Oct 29 2009 11:04pm
RATS as it's now being called was shown nationwide on Oct 22nd and had such a great turnout that there will be a second showing on November 12th.  Yes, these are single night showings!  Tickets for the Nov 12 date go on sale November 6th.

Overall the movie was really good.  It does focus a great deal on the "front of the pack" story... but who outside of the LT race or mtb community would have much interest intially were it not for the Lance vs Dave story?  The movie was an idea to draw more attention to the LT100 mtb race and help draw revenue to the little mining town that sits in the heart of CO... something race founder Ken Choubler always says he will never apologize for.

The scenery was awesome and it gave many cyclists, family, crew, and friends who've only ever heard stories about the LT a chance to really see a large part of the course (which is out & back).  The movie includes some of the moving personal story lines of racers like Ricky -- a 16-time LT finisher, and Roxanne Hall -- a CO local mtb native whose 2008 LT attempt was sidelined while she fought just to survive a collision with an automobile only to recover and make an attempt @ the LT in 09 again!

If you pay attention to details... you learn a lot of the "fine points" about racing the LT during the movie.  Sure, the camera didn't do superb justice to the weather experienced during the 09 race.  But it's the little things like types of terrain, types of surfaces, altitude gains/losses, speeds, food, hydration, time factors, bottlenecks, power requirements, longevity need of the racer's endurance & equipment... the list goes on!

It was very entertaining to watch... and I knew EXACTLY what the outcome was given that I was there.  But it was cool to see the race, course, people, atmosphere, nerves, volunteers, and perspectives that I had only a 1st person view of on race day.  It was funny to watch Lance panic when he stopped b/c of his flat tire, fully expecting Dave Wiens to come flying around the corner at any second and dash his shot at winning the race. 

I will add that, between the "round-table discussion" and footage of the movie... Everyone in the country will fully understand why the LT100 community has such great respect for Dave Wiens.  And it is still very evident that Mr. Armstrong has a great deal of respect for him as well.

It will be interesting to see what effect the movie has on the 2010 lottery for entries... to Ken C... I think your plan is working! 

If you missed the first showing... go see the movie on NOVEMBER 12!  Likely to hit dvd after the first of the year.  Take care --J
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